Thomas Edward Salon Dry Bar Blowouts

How Long Does a Blowout Stay?

Aside from our colors and cuts, at Thomas Edward Salon and Dry Bar, we are a salon in which we pride ourselves with our Blowouts that last for 3-4 days. Our clients have seen and have also experienced their own hairstyles for themselves and we see that because they’re repeating their visits in our chairs, they’re taking care of their hair follicles more and more after each frequent visit.

What Makes Our Blowouts Last Longer?

The fact that we have a cleansing and yet moisturizing featured back bar product BAMBOO Shampoo and Conditioner helps remove any excess oil and dirt from the hair and helps smooth the cuticle flaps so there won’t be any tangles in the hair once it’s ready for the blow dryer.

What Hair Care Is Needed?

depending on your desire and the event you might be having and of course the texture of your hair, it all depends on your liking. Depending on each length and desired look, we can show you individually how to wrap your hair at night so that you can wear your hair the next 3-4 days in the style we designed for you.

Basis Care Includes:

  • Silk or Clean Pillow Case
  • Soft Scrunchy
  • Double Shower Caps for when taking showers
  • You desire, We design…we will help you look and stay fabulous!